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Tracy Elizabeth Douglas-Humphreys  is a life coach, motivational speaker, executive trainer and consultant. She is a natural and gifted coach and motivator who travels globally helping to motivate and re-energize business professionals and their staff in “ramping up” their game, as she provides them with state of the art techniques and strategies to become their “best selves”.  She especially loves working with new business professionals seeking to strengthen their confidence.

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Tracy has partnered with Darcel Dillard-Suite, President of Full Circle Health Consulting  ( and ( where she develops, trains and coaches  social service agency  staff and executive leaders on various areas of personal and professional development.

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HotFoot Sally and FireFoot Sue:
Girlfriend Reflections on Life

Girlfriend reflections is a non fiction book of poetry and essays that celebrate life love and faith. It empowers, educates and informs the reader about life choices and lessons learned. A good read for men and women seeking an honest look at life, faith, family and matters of the heart.

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