Are you ready to take your life to a new level and get the results you truly desire? Whether you want to build a fulfilling career or business, cultivate passionate love, achieve optimal health, create financial abundance, enjoy rewarding relationships, or take on any other goal in your life, the Design Your Dream and Live Your Life Weekend will show you a new way of thinking and what to do to reach your dream. Leading by example, Darcel and her team will guide you through this engaging, personalized and penetrating weekend and give you many practical tools to quickly set your life on a new and exciting path. You will discover what you need to change in your life and how to make the change. You will leave with new perspectives, clear decisions and a personal plan for making your decisions a reality now. It’s time.

DAY 1: Life Design Basics

How to dream and uncover what you really want.

How to dream and uncover what you really want.

How to be rid of self-sabotaging mental chatter and negative beliefs. “I am my enemy” stops here!

How to make and keep commitments to yourself around body, career, money, relationships, and more.

How to have difficult conversations that will get you what you want.

DAY 2: Evolving Yourself

How to tell the truth in order to be proud and confident.

How to gently shift your personality – and still be you.

How to identify and understand your life lessons that keep repeating.

How to design your life’s mission.



The Design Your Dream and Live your Life Weekend (DYDL Weekend) is two productive days of interactive dialogue, small team exercises, group and individual coaching. Our highly trained life coaches will lead you through the journey, sharing their personal tales of agony, of creating their dreams, of challenging their mental voices, and ultimately, of building the power to take control of their lives. If you are ready to do the work, this weekend is the perfect gateway to the change you want in your life.


Sounds good, but still not sure? 
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  • Registration for the weekend is open and the workshop is offered once a month starting in .October

  • Payment plans available. Call 718-518-7600 to set up a payment plan.

  • We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a course offering up to two weeks in advance of the course, or less in cases of an act of God.


The transformation was so quick and apparent and the experience of seeing one’s life truly as it is without any embellishments or fluff added, is so restorative I’m sure this is not something you ever fall back from. After this weekend I am inspired to keep on this journey, especially knowing I will have help along the way…Thank you!
Janie (Baltimore,MD)
The Design Your Dream and Live Your Life Weekend had such a profound impact on me that I am looking at the world with a new lens; approaching all of my relationships differently. I can see the possibilities of what my life could be and am excited and inspired to make the changes that will get me there. My life is getting richer every single day .
Paula (Scarsdale,NY)
Tracy and Darcel’s Design Your Dream and Live Your Life Weekend was phenomenal! While reflecting on my own experience and practice, I learned some new things about myself as I proceed on the journeys of self-discovery, spirituality, and affirmation. Fellowshipping with the other women who attended was certainly one of the high points for me. As a result of our camaraderie, we let the processes of bonding, connecting, and sharing happen. The small yet effective group exercises that were incorporated through the use of meditation readings and feedback helped to create a full circle of openness, support, and trust among the women. We learned that we can still shape our tomorrows and we welcomed the challenge. Our group supported one another as opportunities for personal growth and healing took place in a stress-free and emotionally safe environment that was created by Tracy and Darcel. The development of our new sisterhood was established among these amazing women. My plan is to continue to seize the moment while moving forward.
Andra (Roanoke, IN)
An amazing reunion of women, excited about life, aspiring to make changes big and small. Positive changes ranging from eating healthier, laughing more, incorporating some exercise and learning about self-preservation.I was able to embrace several opportunities for growth, and experienced a significant personal breakthrough. This weekend gave me and the others all the momentum we needed to begin a positive spiral of changes – one building upon the other. We were fortunate enough to have a group that was like-minded, focused, and supportive, resulting in a greater appreciation of sisterhood and its true value amongst women. This weekend was about reducing stress, experiencing some healing, overcoming challenges, developing goals, improving relationships, and celebrating ourselves.
Maritza (Yorktown Heights, NY)