My Latest Book

HotFoot Sally and Firefoot Sue: Girlfriend Reflections on Life

Girlfriend reflections is a non fiction book of poetry and essays that celebrate life love and faith. It empowers, educates and informs the reader about life choices and lessons learned. A good read for men and women seeking an honest look at life, faith, family and matters of the heart.

Excerpts from Hot Foot Sally, Fire Foot Sue

Beautiful Hips

I HAVE HIPS or to put it politically correct, “I’m curvy”– a nice way for society to say they think you’re border line “fat”. I used to hate my body when I was younger because I was flat everywhere and skinny. I remember praying to God for hips. Now that I’m older and God answered my prayers and was kind enough to give me a little extra portion (truthfully I contributed to that) of hips, butt and thighs, there were many days when I felt it was too much, but as humans, are we ever just satisfied? These days I’m quite comfy in my skin and it’s a good place to be. The pressure cooker of having to borderline starve ourselves and trick our minds into getting skinny so that we will fit into this cookie cutter world where your acceptance is based on the size of your jeans? No thanks, I’m tired of that.

By Tracy Douglas-Humphreys

Scared Whitless

As an international entrepreneur I can honestly say that I’ve met thousands of people from around the world. I’ve attended and presented at hundreds of events over the years. When you are in a leadership role working with groups or individuals you get to sometimes see people at their best and worst. One of the tragedies that I have found in people from all walks of life is how they have allowed fear to talk them out of many of their desires, goals and dreams. I’ve met doctors whose life goal was to sing but didn’t have the courage, people who want to be motivational speakers but will never step in front of the room. The tragedy of life is that millions of people will go to their graves with unwritten books which people felt are irrelevant to this world, unsung songs because they felt their voice wasn’t good enough, patents left in folders because people were fearful to keep going until they found someone to fund or believe in their product; untraveled territories because some are fearful of flying; untapped businesses because people fear the word “no.”

By Tracy Douglas-Humphreys

Book in the Works

“A walk on the beach with God; Conversations about life and lessons learned.” By Tracy Douglas-Humphreys

When we live by society’s standards, we end up living in hell here on earth because we are living by someone else’s rules and vision not our own. Society has a way of labeling us and making us feel like an odd ball if we don’t do what everyone else is doing. If you need to be accepted, loved and approved by society you are walking on a dangerous path going nowhere. We were not born to stand IN…we were born to Stand OUT! I will be the first to admit that I was once like sheep, always trying to blend in with the crowd. I wanted everyone to love and accept me. If I felt like people were talking bad about me I was devastated. That was until I learned that this mentality is exactly what the devil likes because it’s one less person he has to distract from their destiny…the enemy never attacks an empty vessel, only ones that are anointed and have a special purpose sanctioned by God. However, after encountering God and building a strong relationship with Him, my perspective and life has changed greatly. Some of the changes are incredible and some very painful, but I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at this stage of my advancement.