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Tracy Humphreys is an Executive facilitator, Speaker and Success Coach. She is a gifted entrepreneur who travels globally to train and motivate business professionals. She provides them with state of the art techniques and strategies to become their “bestselves”. She delivers a high-impact message based on experience from her media, sales and entrepreneurial background. Her exceptional presentation skills make her memorable and entertaining. The benefits she brings to the table; she goes above and beyond, spending pre-speaking time analyzing your concerns and program needs. She is constantly developing new and innovative ways to help people develop their strengths and reach higher achievement levels. She is passionate about empowering those who want to break out of their comfort zone. Tracy’s true mission is anchored around a strong belief in the power of transformation and her approach is simple, but effective! She travels Nationally and Internationally to: Kenya, Nigeria, Jamaica, London and Europe motivating and training business professionals. The outcome: positive mindsets, business momentum and financial increase.

Prior to embarking on entrepreneurship, Tracy spent 10 years in the news industry and public relations. She was formerly a producer for ABC’s Good Morning America and New York’s CW11. She earned her bachelor’s degree in media from Long Island University.  Several years ago, Tracy and her husband also had the honor of being a featured guests on the Oprah show. The show was called “what happens after the wedding” a series helping couples to focus on the marriage and not just the wedding day. Her latest collaboration with her husband Lucien is a project called “Reconcilable differences” a video series, workshop and book helping families to reconcile their differences and rebuild their bond.

Tracy loves traveling, dancing zumba, meditating by the ocean, reading and spending quality time with friends and family. She has been married to Lucien Humphreys for 17 years. Tracy’s favorite quote is “a mind once stretched by a new idea will never return to its original dimension”