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Reconcilable Differences

by Lucien & Tracy Humphreys

Thoughts raced through my mind, I was grateful for a second chance as we were about to renew our vows after 17 years of marriage.  When I arrived at my starting point to walk down the sandy aisle, I couldn’t stop smiling.  I giggled like a giddy teenager as the wedding coordinator signaled my husband to turn around and when he did, his eyes sparkled and he had a big grin on his face.  I walked slowly toward him with a reassurance, a confidence and knowing that this is my lover, best friend and life partner, not just because we were already married but because we have walked through everything that tried to tear us apart, but by the grace of God we are still standing.

The life changes and challenges that we endured brought us to a place of renewing our vows was a dark, painful, scary time in our history, because for 2 years we lived apart and we almost fell prey to the 50% of divorcees in this country!  Our testimony of reconciling our differences took a lot of work, time, focus, patience, faith and a tremendous amount of prayer!  What the devil meant for harm, God turned around for our supernatural good!

Healing and restoring marriages with love
Healing and restoring marriages with love

 Coaching by Tracy

Did you start this year feeling hopeful, optimistic and excited that this will be your season of breakthrough, in your business, your relationship, career or finances? As the year goes on, are you finding yourself feeling like this year is a repeat of last year? Your hope dwindling and your optimism, slowly turning into pessimism? How many times have you “lived” the same year?

Einstein says “insanity is doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different results!” The truth is, until we change, our relationships and results will stay the same. Sometimes we can feel stuck, knowing we need to make changes, but are unsure how. This is where I come in.

What if you understood the power you possess to create a purposeful and fulfilled life? What if what was holding you back was your perception of who you are? What if you are only 1 millimeter away from living a successful and prosperous life? Let me help you! My coaching offers individuals the opportunity to discover the power hidden inside of them. I have a proven track record of helping people overcome fear, frustration, anger and getting “un-stuck” in their personal and professional lives. If you are ready for change, connect with me for a free one-time consultation and evaluation.

  • Do you spend a lot of your time pleasing others, not really doing what you want to do?

  • Do you spend more time focusing on what you can’t do than on what you can?

  • Do you feel you need support and a gentle safe space to seek guidance?

  • Do you want to increase your self-confidence and belief in yourself?

  • Do you want to learn to love your body and feel comfortable in your skin?

  • Do you want to build more fulfilling relationships at home or work?

  • Do you want to outgrow your present role?

  • Do you want to break out of the 9 to 5 and start your own business?

As your coach my role will be to help you break out of those negative cycles and help you get focused.
You are here for a purpose and our mission is to help you find it, embody it and live it!

Yes, Tracy Please Coach Me!